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Hello! We are Eve Third Party Store -

Providing all Eve Online Corporations and Alliances with IT services

Is your Corp/Alliance looking for a system that can control your forum, Teamspeak, Discord and jabber permissions for you?

Well then you have come to the right place for one.

Our service has been going strong since 2015 We have made sites for some of Eve Online biggest Corporations/Alliances. No group is to small for our service.

Some of our clients



Have the same IT structure as the bigger more established Corporations/Alliances in Eve? – .



Regardless of what group we fly for,Your information and data stays your information and data. Plus we will add SSL encryption to your site.



We use the latest stable working version of software available on open source to our clients.



Your data stays your data. After the installations are done, you will change all passwords to secure your websites.


A showcase of our works

Come all the way down here? Great. So you thinking about using our service? Its really easy. Go to our store and select what you want. Send us a deposit of your order. We will then get started .

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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

We can provide you Alliance or Corporation management systems. Removing the need to do everything manually. Control what permissions your members need. If they leave your group roles will simply be removed automatically.

We have a few supplement systems that works in conjunction with the Auth Systems. Moon mining and timers couldnt be easier.

We cater for all groups in Eve. We are non biased and respect our customers privacy.

Websites development

Open Source software.

Discord Bot Hosting

Currently we only offer hosting of Discord Bots. The bots do not report anything back to us and provide only you with the information that you requested.



Free Support

We offer 30 days free support once the installations is complete. This allows you to come to terms with how the systems work and operate. After the 30 days is over we are more than willing to help you in case of any issues that may arise




Future Feature
We are looking to have our own servers up and running in the near future whereby customers can pay isk for all their needs instead of real life money being used



Keep an eye on our website for Flash sales and Services.

Professional Services

A hobby turned serious for us

What started as a let me see if i can do this to a serious hobby for us


Fair prices. Excellent service.

Alliance Auth System

ISK3,000,000,000Alliance Auth System
  • Authenication System

Corporation Auth System

ISK2,000,000,000Corporation Auth System
  • Authenication System


ISK2,000,000,000SeAT Corporation Management
  • Corporation and API management tool


  • WormHole Mapping Tool


  • Moon Scanning Application

Our prices are low as we are giving something back to the Eve Online Community. We help new groups get started and what better way to get off the group with a fully functional online system.



Tenaya Masai


Not a good Pvper. But a very good F1 monkey. Lives in a cold place so dont mind the frostiness. A people pleaser in many ways..


Bill Hinkley2


A better Pvper than the owner. Most trust worthy, loyal person under the sun.

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