Corporation Authentication System




  • HR system used for recruitment. customized questionnaire with a field to answer corporation questions
  • Group Management for group requests
  • Corp Stats for showing who has an account with ESI link to member
  • Fleet-Up Timers and Doctrines displayed
  • Fleet Operation Timer Board
  • SRP management system.
  • Jabber Broadcast (Optional if Jabber chat is added)
  • Discord intergration. Possible to add a Second Discord bot for fleet pings, Kills/Losses broadcasts
  • Fleet Member Activity Tracker
  • Automatic add and remove standard roles
  • Permissions Audit Page
  • Forum (PHPBB or SMF)
  • Teamspeak 3 Server (limited to 32 slots, for more slots a NPL Licence is needed)
  • Mumble Server. We will add the intergration. Channel setup etc is for the owner to do do as we dont know what channels is needed etc

Installation can take approx 24 hours but average of 8 hours to install everything and have your site up and running during week days. There are some instances beyond my control that the installation may take a little bit longer. Weekend orders can have a slightly slower installation time due to RL

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