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PATHFINDER is a open source mapping tool for EVE ONLINE, primarily developed to enrich the gameplay of small scale PvP and PvE in w-space and k-space. You can expect most of the features, other mapping tools support combined with some unique features…

Feature List:


  • User Friendly
  • Open Source
  • CCP SSO login
  • Advanced Client Side caching
  • Live Performance Graphs





  • Development time 1500h (11month)
  • About 124.000 lines of code
  • Integrated zKillboard, CCP API, CCP CREST API
  • OGB support
  • Multiple connection scopes (stargate, wormhole, jumpbridge)
  • Private/corporation/alliance chain maps
  • Chain maps can be shared with other users
  • HTML5 support (OGB) -> Full screen, Desktop notifications, Local caching,…



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