SkŸlizer is a tool for Eve Online to handle any kind of scans and to gather as much as possible data from the scan.

At the moment scanning moons, anomalies and citadels is supported.


  1. Scan something in EVE
  2. copy’n paste your scan to skŸlizer
  3. view & filter by value and ore – find the ISK (or your next targets)
  4. view & filter by anomalies
  5. share your findings with your mates
  • Identify the valuable moons (ISK!) in a system or the whole constellation
  • How to use: copy moon scan data from Eve Online. Press below the scan results “copy to clipboard”, then navigate to skŸlizer and paste the scan to the area to the right and then the button “submit your scan” below the area.
  • search by system-name or constellation, just start typing – autosuggest fill the gaps
  • easily navigate to neighbour systems, a constellation or show all scanned moons in the current constellation
  • add structures, owning corporation and the structure name or some notes to any moon
  • Help Function

Moon Scans

  • show the composition, amount and ISK for the goo for each moon
  • show the composition, amount and ISK of the refined minerals (“Ore”) for each moon
  • filter by goo or refined minerals
  • order by value (which moon is the R64 equivalent?)
  • polls daily prices from Eve via ESI call
  • for Moon-Managers (specific right in the tool) create CSV exports


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