Getting Started

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So you are interested in my service… this is what you need to do before we can begin

1. Purchase a domain name. (, Depending on where you are located some Vps providers allow you to purchase a domain name the same time you rent a Vps server.

2. Rent a VPS server. Depending on your location and requirements VPS servers range from $5-15 a month. you can find preferred providers at

3. Point your domain name to your VPS server if you have purchased the domain name from a different provider. this usually means changing the NS (Name Server) to the VPS provider

4. Rent a server that suits your needs.
Minimum requirements for your VPS server
4 Core Processor.
30 GB HDD space

4 Core Processor
50 GB HDD space.

5. Create a Gmail or outlook account.
This will be used for a mail forwarding service that will send activation emails to your members


VPS.NET– Subscribe with ID 68431 and get 30 days free hosting!

Linode – 30 days money back

Vultr – hassle free and good support

Digital Ocean (US based Hosting company)