Firetail Discord Bot

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Firetail Discord Bot


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Your Own Private Discord Bot.  Firetail is able to ping Fleet-up timers and Operations. Pull Kill mails/Loss mails. A Auth function can be added to bot so members can SSO onto the server and be given the correct roles.


Fleet Up Pings

Price Check

Sov Tracker

Jump Planner (Dotlan)

Jump Route Planner (Dotlan)

Eve Time

Character Look up

Corporation/Alliance Look up

Kills and losses ping

Big losses pings

Eve Status

Eve Notifications. (War Decs)

Discord bot can be hosted with me for a Fee of 200 Mil a month. This is payable on the 1st of each month. You will have the latest Version of the Bot running at all times and if any problems occur we will handle the backend


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