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N.E.A.R 2




Tactical Intelligence organizer”
for Eve Online:
NEAR2 for windows




CCP provides logs for eve online. This allows for checking the combat log, local log and chat log(s) for certain information. Among others this means NEAR2 can give you a WARNING when an enemy is linked in an intel-chat-channel in a system that is relevant to your location, or when a specific ship or shiptype starts to shoot at you, for instance a faction level ship, or a capital sized ship (pve and pvp), or when you have been out of combat for a certain period of time.

Our warnings are customizable.

The main information delivery is via our custom made PROXIMITY RADAR

which can be adjusted in size, looks, uses themes and more.

The sounds can be any installed windows voice (of any language), but also custom sounds or simple windows sounds.


We built some (rather intelligent) parsing software for the logs that eve online generates. These logs are provided by CCP and can be opened and parsed for data. This is exactly what we have done. Our parsing software can be customized for keywords, known characters, known trash, etc to streamline it, but should work as-is for most alliances.

This means YOU, the player doesn’t have to do the parsing yourself in your mind. (Is that linked system in range for me? What is the route? Is that character dangerous? Who is he with? What is his history?)
The parsing, among others:
– Traces the Location of your desired character for tracking and updating the radar
– Checks for Shiptypes, fleet sizes, custom ships or phrases and filters garbage
– Takes likelyhood into account for locations, name combinations and systems
– Checks combat changes, such as shiptype and name shooting at you


The software runs 100% on your machine and uses no database. There is no login, no API needed, no database to conenct to. Simply enter a character name and the chat logs you want associated with this character and that’s it for that part of functionality. For better colllection and storage of information, you can install a windows SQL server locally. We advice people not to use an external SQL server. This might be a breach of EULA for Eve online and is not really useful anyway.


Eve online has a scoreboard, or killboard system that can be mostly accessed via the website Zkillboard. A lot of useful information can be learned by studying an enemy character on this website. However looking people up constantly can be a really exhausting job and take time. NEAR2 Integrates DIRECT access to ZKillboard and has a whole Intelligence System of it’s own called NIS. It is basically a loader and filter of Zkillboard, with added data from the chat logs. For instance, once linked in a system, you can click on the radar and NIS opens up. Clicking on a linked name shows all filtered data like the corp, allliance, kill history, loss history, lasts known location and shiptype of the character. Filters can be applied to, for instance, not show capsules, structures and other data you might not want to be shown. Or data older than a certain time.

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