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Tripwire is a signature/wormhole mapping tool – developed for w-space, expanding to k-space and developed for the past 4 years.

Tripwire uses e-commerce level security standards along with constant EVE API checks to ensure data is secure.

Tripwire is still in BETA form and is constantly being improved, please send me any suggestions/complaints/ideas/feedback because it is what drives Tripwire to be the best mapper.



  • Constant background updating – all information is updated every 5 seconds
  • Detailed system information (security, local pirates, wormhole effects, region, static connections)
  • System activity graph ranging from 24 hours to 1 week (ship jumps, NPC kills, ship kills, pod kills)
  • EVE server status and player count
  • Auto-mapper for building wormhole connections as you jump in-game (ALPHA)
  • Dynamic Chain map with detail information:
  • Connecting lines colored to show wormhole status (critical/destabilized/eol/frigate)
  • Systems labeled (HS, LS, NS) from connection type, system
  • Icons for wormhole effect and player location (hover-over for details)
  • Last hour activity for ship jumps, NPC kills, ship kills and pod kills (colored dots)
  • User ability to “Flare” a system (right-click) to bring focus for others (colored red, green or yellow)
  • Currently viewed system colored blue
  • Ability to toggle jump calculations to currently viewed system (Home icon)


  • Copy & Paste scan results will insert and update when needed (paste as much as you want) just give focus to window
  • Notes section for each system
  • Customize layout by re-arranging sections or re-size them as you like (toggle via lock icon)
  • Layouts saved per browser – have a IGB layout and a OOG layout
  • Sharing of data in your control, instantly share/un-share as you need it